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Medieval Nautical Style Sketchbook - Shipmaster Red Kraft Paper Notebook

Medieval Nautical Style Sketchbook - Shipmaster Red Kraft Paper Notebook

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A stylish small notebook with a leather binding and placeholder. 

It has an interesting history - it all began some time ago in the bustling medieval port town of Rivenholm, nestled along the rugged coastline where there lived a skilled leather and paper artisan named Elowen.

She was known far and wide for her craftsmanship, and it was in the year 1275 that this notebook was created. Inspired by the sales and seafarers of the coast, Elowen began by tanning the finest leather, which she dyed using a secret blend of herbs and alchemical ingredients. She embossed the notebook's cover with intricate nautical designs - this latest version - a compass rose.

Elowen presented the finished notebook to a stylish young sailor, Thaddeus, who was setting off on a (poorly funded) voyage to explore uncharted waters. The notebook was meant to be a source of inspiration and a repository of his adventures. Capturing his adventures in the notebook (and selling copies of of the book upon his return) would not only help fund Thaddeus' adventures post-trip, but also build his renown as book collectors far and wide came to seek out his journals. Thaddeus treasured it, and the notebook became a cherished companion on his many journeys.

Over centuries, the notebook changed hands numerous times, always traveling with adventurers, artists, and explorers. Each owner added their own stories and sketches, turning the red leather notebook into a priceless relic of medieval history, filled with tales of daring exploits and discoveries.

What will your story be?

Notebook dimensions are roughly 4" x 6" (A6) and this notebook contains 150 pages (75 sheets).

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