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Viking Ring of the Chosen

Viking Ring of the Chosen

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Forged in the heart of Viking legend, this ring tells the tale of a fierce warrior named Bjorn. The ring worn by Bjorn featured a band of golden runes, each carrying ancient secrets. Enveloping the runes in gleaming silver amplified their power, and the runes then whispered protection and power to Bjorn.

It is said that Bjorn's friend, Ragnar, tossed this ring to Bjorn in the midst of the first battle they faced after leaving their home village. As the silver of the ring shone like a warrior's blade, the golden runes telegraphed to Bjorn a path to victory. Passed down through generations, this ring became a symbol of valor and the indomitable spirit of the Viking people, a testament to their unyielding courage and resilience.

Note: sizes 11, 12, & 13 can be custom ordered - please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery for these larger sizes. 

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