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Renaissance R.o.D. - Ring of Dreams - Isabella's Ring

Renaissance R.o.D. - Ring of Dreams - Isabella's Ring

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A ring of silver vines with an elegant flower at its center. Fits true to size. 

In the heart of Renaissance Florence amidst the flourishing arts, a skilled goldsmith named Leonardo crafted a ring that would become a symbol of eternal beauty. This exquisite ring, with a band of intricate silver vines symbolizing the interconnectedness of knowledge, nature, and art, showcased a radiant golden flower at its center.

Legend has it that this ring was originally commissioned by a noblewoman, Isabella, as a gift for her lover. It represented their love's blossoming, intertwining like the vines. Passed down through generations, this ring became a cherished heirloom, symbolizing not only love but also the timeless beauty of the Renaissance era.

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